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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Why Supporting Women It’s Our Thing


Women are being called the emerging market of the emerging market. That is a good thing. That means that there’s hope we’ll see the same funding going into developing products and services to support women as it went into emerging markets. Unfortunately, that doesn’t absolve women and men from contributing to closing the opportunity gap.

Supporting Women Should Matter to All of Us

It’s 2016 2017, and we still talk about the need to support women. There’s still a lot more work to be done. We need everyone’s involvement to make the systemic changes our society requires to actually happen. Women have the credentials to build amazing products, lead companies, generate profits, become successful entrepreneurs. And they’re still underrepresented both in business and in politics. They still have to breathe a toxic air – the cues about what “they’re supposed to be.”

As a woman, I also have systematically underestimated my own abilities. I’ve faced prejudice. I’ve been judged based on my sexiness or lack of it and not based on my abilities. I’ve missed opportunities because I didn’t have a female mentor to guide me. Surviving as a bootstrapping entrepreneur is difficult. It’s even harder when you realise that society perceives men as pioneers and women as exceptions.

We’ve Made It Part of Our Mission

Here at Nollar, part of our mission is to help women get the most of their ideas and hard work. We’re ready to advise and collaborate with the female business leaders of tomorrow, giving them access to low-cost but effective marketing solutions, best case studies in growth hacking, access to top creative and strategic talent, and the straight talk too few agencies are offering.

We’re happy to work with mompreneurs from all around the world. We’d be delighted to support any #girlboss who wants to improve her sales or build a brand. We wish we could work with young entrepreneurs who have an idea but haven’t quite figured out where to start yet. We do great work when working with established brands trying to reach female consumers in a more meaningful and cost-effective way.

As a woman running a business, you don’t have to be stuck in a productivity trap. You can access frugal solutions that would help you better monetize your time, make a bigger splash with less money, and become a leader that would inspire others to action.

June 2016: Our First Essay on Marketing Personalization to be Published in Admap


Back in February, I was writing an essay on the future of marketing personalization for the Admap Prize. A few months ago I was thrilled to find out it was shortlisted. This was the second time one of my essays was shortlisted for the prize after 2013. Just as the first time around, I’ve been surprised and happy to receive such great news.

tara duveanu nollar

This year, the reasons for celebration didn’t end there – the essay has also been awarded a Judges’ Commendation, and it will be published in the June issue of Admap. The best part about this opportunity is the fact that Nollar is on the same list with big industry names, which feels unreal because of all the struggles we’ve been through this past year.